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Our Products


100% Natural Produce

No Preservatives

Shelf Life



Nectar Superfoods...!!

  • We believe that the food that should enjoy nature’s offering in RAW and UNADULTURATED form. Hence things that we eat should be natural, minimally processed, free of preservatives, with longer shelf life and we should have access to it whenever we want it
  • All this can be done in balance with the nature by reducing the food wastage and increasing the access to the foods produced to far off places by increasing their shelf life and packaging them sustainably to help minimise the carbon foot print in all ways possible

Our Philosophy

We Believe in Making things happen and there by growing ourselves and all of our stakeholders with Transparency, not just with all of our stakeholders but also with all of the ingredients used in preparing our food items


We believe in the term “K.Y.F (Know Your Food)”, i.e. clear and complete information about all the information regarding the food and ingredients that goes into making of the products. So when you consume any nectar superfoods product, you know exactly what you are consuming and can be rest assured of the purity and wholesomeness of it

Personalisation & Sustainability

We believe the future of food is personalised and we plan to do it sustainably.

All our products are created with lots of love, passion and we have something to offer to everyone

But we also agree with the fact that every human is different, and thus, with the masses, we wish to take care of each one of you with option to choose and make your own flavours, and customisations, and if you wish, you can tell us to show the world how you do it.

Freeze Drying Process

“Keeping it simple” All we do in processing is we remove the water and moisture from the food and make it dry using a sophisticated drying method called freeze drying. This way the foods retain almost all the nutrients, natural colour and aroma. The texture becomes crunchy and as it gets light weight we can easily transport it. The best part is we can store it for a longer time