About Nectar Superfoods

  • We are a food sourcing, technology, and marketing company based out of Gujarat in India working towards sustainably meeting the demand for best of the agricultural produce globally. Our vision is to feed our society with pure foods.
  • Our expertise lies in the sourcing and marketing of the agricultural produce complying
    to the highest food quality standards.
  • This we do for saving our planet by preserving ( by freeze drying ) foods. We source directly from our farmer network, testing the produce and getting it processed and shipped directly to our customers worldwide
  • We offer 100% natural and minimally processed Freeze Dried Foods without any
    preservatives or chemicals being added in various multiple use sustainable packaging options.
  • We help communities in increasing its access to natural produce through our preserved foods and thereby reducing wastage and help keeping foods for long time.
  • Nectar Superfoods” is a brand wholly owned and operated by H V Makers Industries


All our products are available round the year for 365 days ensuring supreme quality.


We aim at reducing the food wastage that happens every year. Our packaging are sustainable, completely resuable and plastic free.


Freeze-dried fruits retain most of their nutrients and fiber, making them a convenient and healthy snack option.